Remove activate Windows watermark

You start your Windows session an the first you see is an annoying warning at the bottom right that asks to activate your Windows copy. You may have previously entered a product key to avoid or remove the “activate windows” watermark, but it could happen that this key was used in more than one installation, […]

Windows 10 Debloater – Remove bloatware & unwanted apps

One of the biggest issues when installing Windows 10 is the large amount of needless software or advertising (known as bloatware) that loads on our computer. These apps can be the Microsoft ones, with the intention to provide greater value into the operating system (although most of the time they aren’t used) or the ones […]

office installation process

Install only specific Office applications

If you are a Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 user, you certainly noticed that the default setup doesn’t provide an option to install only specific Office applications, rather than the entire package. With older releases you were allowed to do that into the same installer. We will show you the easiest way to custom install […]

Windows USB Drive

Create a Windows bootable USB with Rufus

Nowadays it’s pretty common to create a bootable USB Drive to install Windows, and you have a wide range of applications to achieve that with ease. The price per gigabyte of Flash storage became cheaper than ever. Rufus, a simple yet powerful tool, is one of the best you have to create a bootable USB. […]

Paypal fees

Get lower rates for Paypal currency conversion

Paypal currency conversion rates could be pretty unfavourable if you dont take them into account. We know that Paypal is a nice way to pay for customers because they get the security that, if something goes wrong, there’s a way to start a claim and take their money back, which always helps. That’s why it’s […]

office installation process

Activate your Microsoft software by phone

So you got your Office/Project/Visio Product key but it rejects to activate online? Sometimes, it happens with Microsoft software, but you’re not alone. We’ll talk about a simple workaround to get your copy activated. When you’re at the welcome screen of any of your Office apps, select the second option that says “I want to […]