Why are Microsoft product keys so cheap on eBay? A case study

We are aware that you can find the cheapest prices for Microsoft product keys in eBay. But, what’s the trick behind this? Is it true that they sell the same keys to more than one person? How do they manage to offer the cheapest prices on the web? These are related common questions. We prefer […]


Windows 10 Home vs Pro. Which one suits you better?

This time, Microsoft decided to only bring a few Windows 10 versions oriented to final consumers. Now you only count with 2 main consumer versions: Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. This strategy turn was made to overcome the paradox of choice. In comparison of earlier Windows releases, in Windows 7 you could find […]

Install Office 2019 on Windows 7/8/8.1

You probably know someone who still uses Windows 7 or 8 in their computer. Reasons may vary: Using outdated hardware that doesn’t get well with Windows 10, preference of the classic Windows user interface instead of the newest one, rejection of the update system implemented in W10… etc. Microsoft tries to force its users to […]


Windows 10 November 1909 Update is available for public download

Microsoft has released the expected Windows 10 November 2019 Update, which is already beginning to reach users. On this occasion, the November 2019 update of Windows 10 is not as critical (and hopefully not as problematic) as last May’s, because although it introduces improvements and new features that we are going to show, it is […]


Office 2019 vs 2016: The Differences ⭐️

Finally, we can count with another upgrade for the standalone version of Microsoft Office, after 3 years of it’s last release. Let’s do a quick review of the differences between Office 2019 and it’s predecessor, Office 2016. We’ll talk about the reasons that justify it’s upgrade. Let’s clarify: Office 2019 is a stand-alone, one-time version […]

It’s legal to buy second hand software licenses?

Yes, pre-owned Microsoft Office and Windows licenses are completely legal to purchase, while being far way cheaper. A lot of standard licenses for software specify that after paying an unique quantity of money the software can be used forever. In it’s sentence C-128/11, the European Court determined that these licenses act as a software “sale”. […]

Disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced a bunch of useful features, but at the same time some principles changed in respect to the previous releases. Not all users are happy with these changes. This behaviour can be modified with a variety of workarounds, allowing you to disable updates in Windows 10 or schedule them. If you need to […]

Windows Sandbox: What is and how to enable it

It’s one of the biggest novelties in Windows 10 May Update 2019. Windows Sandbox it’s like a test field that has the advantages of virtual machines, but it works in a less tricky way, without having to configure or install anything. This great feature provides an isolated environment that allows you to test applications with […]

Remove activate Windows watermark

You start your Windows session an the first you see is an annoying warning at the bottom right that asks to activate your Windows copy. You may have previously entered a product key to avoid or remove the “activate windows” watermark, but it could happen that this key was used in more than one installation, […]