Clubhouse – What You Need To Know About This Voice Chatting App?

The clubhouse was developed in 2020, which has gained a tremendous reputation as the next best place for people to talk, meet, and share their thoughts. In short, Clubhouse (app) allows you to create and join a room where you can speak or chat with other individuals in a big conference call.


However, there are no videos, pictures, or even text in the conference call; it’s all about audio that means you can join or leave the call whenever you want and enable you to turn any room into a public meeting hall. Before you begin your audio conversations with your friends, family members, colleagues, and other random individuals, there are several things that you need to aware of about the app because it is taking social media platforms by storm.

What Do You Need To Know About The Clubhouse Application?

  • How To Join

First and foremost, you need to know about how to join in clubhouse conference. And unfortunately, the answer is that “you probably cannot join any meeting.” The Clubhouse (app)is invite-only, which means an existing member of the conference call has to send you an invite in order to join the meeting. Though you can download the application and put up your name on the waiting list but this way, you are never going to join the discussion or create your account.


Therefore, you need someone who already has an account in the clubhouse to invite you to a meeting. The application is for clubhouse only available for iphone users, and if you download the application without any invitation, you will be stuck on a single screen.


Moreover, the CEO of the clubhouse, paul Davidson has stated that the application will eventually operate completely, including android users who will also be able to use it. They are making slow and steady progress. However, anyone who manages to get an invitation will be provided with two invites of their own, which they can use to invite others to individuals in the conversation. The process will continue expanding the area of the network.


  • How Clubhouse Works

The working of clubhouse consists of creating a place where people can host to meet up, listen to each other ideas and thoughts, and in some cases, they can even join conversations within the community of the app. Moreover, when you start the application, you will be offered a list of numerous rooms, along with a list of people who are actively participating in each room.


In order to join the room, all you need to do is tap on the desired room you wanted to join, or either you can start your room. Most of the time, the rooms active in the Clubhouse (app) have the vibes of ted talk where one guest speaking and the other are just listening. Though, other users can also join the conversation when the moderator likes to depend on the chat’s nature. One should know that dozens of conversations are happening at the same time, enabling users to join in any subject and speak based on their work interests.



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