Answers to most common questions

Should i register to buy at Software Planet?

Registration is not mandatory to purchase a product. We only require name and an e-mail to deliver your key. However, if you register you can manage your download links and product keys from «My Account» section. Registration is also required to join our affiliate program!

Are these licences legal?

The licenses are totally legal, they are offered at a considerably lower price since they are obtained from second-hand markets; such as companies that renovate computer parks, equipment that has stopped working and was too expensive to repair, or PC assemblers that make purchases in bulk and have a surplus of licenses that they do not occupy. Read more «here».

How long it takes to deliver?

If you’ve successfully payed your order, the system will automatically send your product key to the email that you previously provided, including respective download link.

Do you offer discounts?

By paying with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) you get 5% off for your total order.

Do licenses have an expiration date?

No, the licenses we sell don’t have an expiration date once activated.

Which are the payment methods?

At the moment we are accepting payments via Paypal and Bitcoin. You can also pay with your credit card without the need to register an account.

Do you accept refunds?

Due to the nature of the item (digital license) we cannot offer refunds after the order was delivered. We assure that we sell a genuine product so a guarantee is provided. If the key is verified and isn’t valid we will proceed to provide another one.

Why I can’t pay with my credit card, it says my card is rejected?

A failed payment by credit card is usually caused by your credit card issuer. As it is an international payment, sometimes credit card issuer will block the paying request for security reason if you hardly do international pays. Of course, that can also be caused by incorrect filled information. By solving this problem, you may need to double check the information you fill while you pay and try several times, if it still doesnt work, it can be solved by calling your credit card company.

Im looking to make some money. Do you support an affiliate program?

Yes, we are currently offering an affiliate program where you can get 15% commision of the dollar amount for each sale. Payments are made through Paypal. You can apply in «this section».

For additional questions, do not hesitate to write us at our «contact form»