Do Not Want To Have All Your OTT Accounts Anymore? Here Is How You Can Cancel The Subscription

Today most of the people see their entertainment source in the OTT networks or applications. OTT platforms are a great source of entertainment, and people enjoy watching movies and series over there without any type of hesitation. There are a lot of OTT platforms available online, and it is essential that you decide the best one for you.

However, the OTT game is not that simple, and you will genuinely find one or more show interesting in the application that you don’t even have on your device. Like if you have Netflix, then you will find the amazon prime show interesting. If you have both of them, you might find any other platform’s show interesting. So it is in human nature that they do not like the thing that they have and always wish to have something much more than what others are providing.


But it can be a disaster!

Many times, most people behave carelessly, and instead of managing with what they have, they keep on taking a subscription of all the available networks. As per the surveys, it was found that people usually take subscriptions of the application because of anyone they find interesting. After that, they do not even try to open the application again.


But you might be thinking that what is the harm in it, right? Well, if you think that having a subscription on your TV is not harmful at all, then you are completely wrong, and you should understand that how they are making a hole in your pocket.


When you have a lot of subscriptions, you are indirectly increasing your monthly bills, and that is when you are facing a lot of trouble in your monthly budget. A normal person will not be able to manage such a big hole in the pocket, and it is mainly because a monthly subscription of these applications is too expensive when seen as a whole.


So the obvious question that should go through your mind is How to cancel your account at Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others?


So here is the correct way to do so


For this, you will have to go on your Mac book play store where you will have to select your name. Once you have reached there, you will have to search for the option that will provide you more information or more details of your pack.

From there, you can select manage and click on editing or changing the subscription. From where you can add or remove the subscription that you have already have in your account. In short, you can cancel the subscription of all the applications that you do not want to have.


And if you want to cancel it on your iphone, you will again have to go to settings, but this time on your device and then select the subscriptions option. From there, you can remove the subscription that you want to discontinue.

You can also do the canceling in a different way by stopping the payment of the platforms. These platforms are based on recurring payments, and when you stop one of the payments, it will stop working.


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