Switching From An Apple Product To Windows Laptop? Well, Here Is How You Can Get Your Data!

A lot of people are using Apple products in their regular life, but now they are also interested in using windows products. But do you think that switching your device is going to be a good idea? Well, the main issue that most of the people face is that they want all their i-cloud data to be transferred to windows before they start using it, and that is also pretty much obvious.


When you are using your laptop or computer, there can be any time when you will be in need of your old data, and hence you will not be able to find it when you are not ready. So what should you do if your previous data was in Icloud? The obvious question that might be going through your mind can be that How to Sync All of Your iCloud Passwords and Data to Windows? And here is how you can do that!


How to transfer data?


Well, do you know what the best part of the transfer game is? It is that Apple is now accepting the term that people will need to use other applications too. Hence, today’s transfer of data is not that hectic that it used to be earlier in the past. Today Apple has made the process really very easy and convenient for people, and you will get the chance to bring all your iCloud data to your windows.


Here is what you have to do?


There are three important components to sync your iCloud data to windows, and they are listed below:-

  • Icloud
  • Safari
  • Chrome


Now your task begins, the best part that is supporting hand from the company is that Apple has introduced an Icloud password extension on chrome.


So when you are entering your data in the iCloud, you can sync it in safari, and it is the common tool to carry your details from one place to another from all types of apple devices like iphone, iPad, and also Mac book.


Now when the safari is aware of all your details in the Icloud form, then be ready as the chrome will also know all your details in the windows. It is because safari joins the Icloud to the chrome.

And now you can get all your data in your windows using your chrome, so your iCloud data will reach the windows very easily, and you will enjoy the experience easily.


What can you get in the data?


If you think that you will not receive all your data by doing so, then you are wrong as by this process, you will get all your data ready in this process, and you will not waste your time searching or transferring things through other alternative ways. You will even get all the passwords that you have saved in the iCloud on your windows through chrome’s help, and that is when you can relax back. Along with it, you will also receive all your pictures and videos that you have saved in your iCloud storage.


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