Install Office 2019 on Windows 7/8/8.1

You probably know someone who still uses Windows 7 or 8 in their computer. Reasons may vary: Using outdated hardware that doesn’t get well with Windows 10, preference of the classic Windows user interface instead of the newest one, rejection of the update system implemented in W10… etc.

Microsoft tries to force its users to upgrade to Windows 10

The point here is that although earlier Windows versions still work for a lot of users, Microsoft is trying to bury them in favor of Windows 10. That implies that the latest Office 2019 Standalone doesn’t come with official support apart from Windows 10. So, you must decide between upgrading to Windows 10 to make use of the latest features from Office 2019, or resort to a series of unofficial third-party solutions to make it work on older versions of Windows.

An easy way to install Office 2019 on previous Windows releases

One of these third-party utilities is called Office 2013-2019 C2R Install. The system used for the tutorial will be Windows 7, but it works the same for Windows 8/8.1.

Why this tool? Well, to resume, it’s the most straight-fordward method available today to run Office 2019 on an older version of Windows. In the example, Windows 7. Also, this is a multipurpose tool that allows us to do another things like choosing which Office applications we want to install within the same interface.

Windows 10 allows us to mount ISO images using the native file explorer, so we don’t need to make use of another tool. But that’s not the case for Windows 8 and 7. Affortunatelly, we can count with a portable tool called WinCDEmu. It’s only one executable that we can launch and it’s ready to do it’s job. Download «WinCDEmu Portable» from it’s official source.

Once you have opened the WinCDEmu tool, it will require confirmation to install the required driver.


Click on the “Mount Image” button and search for the location of your Office 2019 ISO image.


Now that you’ve your image mounted, if you launch the Office 2019 installer you will see a screen like this:


So, to do the trick you need to download the files for «Office 2013-2019 C2R Install». Extract them on any folder and launch OInstallLite.exe

At the main screen, above the “Install Office” button, click on Use Offline Installation. There, you need to choose the folder where you have the installer files. In my case, i choose the location where my ISO file is mounted.


Continue selecting the 2019 Office version. You can check which apps you do want to install. If you prefer to discard one, just uncheck it from the list.

Select if you want to install x86 or x64 binaries. In Update channel, choose “Monthly Channel

Now, it’s time to click on “Install Office“. Click on Yes when the message related to KMS Service appears. We are installing Retail version, so we won’t need to connect to a KMS Server.


Deployment process should start in the background!


If the installation finishes correctly (considering that you have enough disk space) you will see this final screen.


Office 2019 will ask you for a product key to activate the software and start working with it..

Don’t you have an activation code for Office 2019? You can get a license for Office 2019 for an incredible price by checking this link ?

This is all you need to have your Office 2019 running without upgrading to the latest version of the Microsoft operating system

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