Remove activate Windows watermark

You start your Windows session an the first you see is an annoying warning at the bottom right that asks to activate your Windows copy. You may have previously entered a product key to avoid or remove the “activate windows” watermark, but it could happen that this key was used in more than one installation, or the key was directly disabled by Microsoft because it was blacklisted in their database.

You might have bought one of these Ebay cheap activation keys expecting to get a permanent activation and get rid of that annoying message, but unfortunatelly you may have been victim of an unscrupulous seller who sold the same key to more than one person. This happens more often than you may think.

Enter the product key to activate your Windows

How about trying with an activator or loader to remove the watermark?

Before searching for one of these “shady” activators like KMS Pico, KMS Auto, and Microsoft Toolkit that are around the net, think it a minute and see if it worths taking the risk of getting an spyware or a backdoor installed in your PC for 4-5 dollars you could save, instead of getting a cheap product key with us or another respectable seller. Some of these tools may be harmless, im not saying they all include malware inside. The main problem is that it’s common not to find an official site to download them from their respective authors. You are usually in the need to download these activators from an unstrusted source like a forum or website that commonly place malware inside, bloatware or advertising and offer links to download them for “free”.

KMSPico watermark remover

Then later you wake up one day and encounter these criminals asking you for big money to release your data.. If they didn’t have the chance of stealing your credit card data first. It’s called ransomware and it happens more often than you may think. There are safer ways to remove your activate Windows 10 watermark.

It’s easy to realize which is the most reasonable option to activate your Windows

So, you have the option to try with one of these activators, with the chance of putting the integrity of your system and your data at risk, or the most reasonable choice that’s to get a cheap, permanent activation key with instant delivery for Windows 10 Pro, Home, or Windows 7.

By purchasing a product key with us, you get support with every step of the activation process if its required. After your purchase, you instantly receive an email with the license keys, plus fast download links with the latest builds in case you need them.

By purchasing a Windows 7 Pro activation key, you can upgrade from Windows 7 Home or Vista Home/Business without requiring to do a clean install. But, in any case, is somebody still using Vista? ?

Convinced to choose the safest option to remove your Windows watermark?

If you’ve decided to purchase a product key with us and get rid of that watermark permanently, this is the most common method to activate it in the blink of an eye.

With your 25-digit product key, click on the Windows Start Menu and then on Settings

Windows 10 Settings App

Go to “Update on Security” and then click on “Activation”

Windows 10 Update and Security

There, you need to click on “Change Product Key”

Change your product key or update it

And then enter the 25-digit product code you’ve purchased to activate your Windows.

Enter your product key to remove the watermark

Alternatively, if you’re getting the error code 0x80041023 you can try with this command into your command prompt (CMD)


slmgr /ato

It may happen that the BIOS of the computer has a different product key stored, this is common when you purchase a pre-activated Windows PC. So, when you reset the machine, it still tries to activate with the key available in the BIOS.

If you’re trying to upgrade from an OEM License, you’re not able to do so. You need to reinstall and get a Retail version instead from the version you want to upgrade, for example Windows 10 Home.

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