It’s legal to buy second hand software licenses?

Yes, pre-owned Microsoft Office and Windows licenses are completely legal to purchase, while being far way cheaper.

A lot of standard licenses for software specify that after paying an unique quantity of money the software can be used forever. In it’s sentence C-128/11, the European Court determined that these licenses act as a software “sale”. This means that these licenses can be resold to third party owners. Second-hand licenses are completely legal. By that means, a one-time-buy software license that has been acquired through an unique payment can be resold independently that what has been specified in the license terms. Because of that, our license transfers are under the agreement of the european regulations.

The acquisition police of Software Planet is designed to act exclusively under the agreement of the directives and conditions stablished by the European Court in it’s sentence C-128/11 from July of 2012. Software Planet guarantees that the licenses delivered can be used for the particular Microsoft software.

Requirements for pre-owned licenses

To be eligible for resell, a license must comply with a series of requirements:

  • The software license has been obtained for an undefined period.
  • The license of the Software has been taken to the trade of one of the countries of the European Union with the permission of the owner of the software.
  • There’s no additional charges included within the purchase of the software license.
  • The software license is not currently in use at the moment of the delivery.
  • The software license is not fragmented or incomplete.
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