Is your PC or laptop causing a lot of trouble? That can be because of the outdated software on the laptop or PC. But now that there is a new update in the windows, it is better to date with the software. The latest windows 10 update is filled with many new features, and they are all the best ones. There is no need to look for the features anywhere else. We have got the whole info here in the following points. So go on and take a nice look at them!

Choice in color mode

It can be the person’s preference, or it can be because the screen can be too bright or light. This windows 10 update can help the person switch to light or dark mode of the screen. Yes, it is just like our mobile phones, and it is easy to change too. Go on the start button, then in the settings, and then select the option of personalization. There would be colors, and then go on and choose the preferred option.

Jump between the open tabs

Going on the open tabs of web-pages can be time-consuming because we have to take the cursor and then get to the Tab. But with the help of two keys, it will be easy and fast as we want it to be. Press Alt and then Tab. After pressing those keys, there will be the open tabs, and just select the one with the arrow key and be done with it.

Windows 10

Read the text aloud

There is a feature in the latest windows 10 update that a magnifier can read the text aloud for the person. It is such a great thing if someone doesn’t want to read it on their own or do something else while listening to it. Magnifier is actually for magnifying the screen, and it can read the text on the screen too. To turn on the option, we have to press on the Windows logo key + plus sign (+) simultaneously. Then select the text where there is a need to read by taking the cursor to the line, and voila! So easy, right?

Create events

There is no need to be in the hassle of creating the events on the laptop. With the help of this latest windows 10 update, just create the events right from the taskbar. Select time and date from the taskbar and then enter the text box’s details of adding the event or reminder. This way, it will be easy to get a hold of the event, and there will be a constant reminder.

Get notifications from the taskbar

We can also select the type of notification that we want to have while being on the taskbar. By selecting the manage notifications on the taskbar, we can manage the pop-ups and get a hold of all the reminders or notifications we get.

Finally, many other features of the latest windows 10 can become very useful and handy. So on and get the update to get all sorts of features.

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