Windows 10 Debloater – Remove bloatware & unwanted apps

One of the biggest issues when installing Windows 10 is the large amount of needless software or advertising (known as bloatware) that loads on our computer. These apps can be the Microsoft ones, with the intention to provide greater value into the operating system (although most of the time they aren’t used) or the ones promoted by partners that comes included by default. We’ll show you a complete and open source tool to get rid of them, that’s named Windows 10 Debloater.

Although many users just ignore these apps, many others don’t want to have unwanted apps installed on their personal computer that are taking up space in the hard drive, and also leaving less free resources like RAM.

Some examples of bloatware in Windows 10 are the Candy Crush saga that is installed together with Windows 10 Pro, the telemetry functions or a number of tasks scheduled by the system. Fortunatelly, all of this and much more can be easily removed thanks to Windows 10 Debloater.

Windows 10 Debloater is a simple but still powerful tool that’s completely free for Windows 10. It allows us to eliminate all the bloatware or unwanted software, in addition of disabling telemetry functions and scheduled tasks to stay with a cleaner Windows 10.

This tool does not resort on aggresive techniques while accomplishing this task, but instead uses a series of PowerShell scripts to carry out its work. Below, we explain how it works.

How to clean your PC from unwanted bloatware with this tool

In order to make use of this application, the first thing we will do is to download the binaries from GitHub. To do this, click on the green button «Clone or download» to download all the code included in the ZIP file.

Then we extract the contents of the ZIP in a folder that has easy access. But first of all, we need to configure Powershell to be able to execute unsigned scripts and hence use this tool. To do this, we open a PowerShell window with admin permissions and execute the following command:

  • Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force

Once done, we change the current directory to the one where we have unzipped Windows 10 Debloater, by making use of the «cd» command

Example: cd “D:\Program Files\Windows10Debloater-master”

After locating the tool folder, we just call the script by typing:

  • .\Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1

If it’s your first time executing the script, you may see an advertence. Just press Z to continue.

In a blink of an eye we”ll see the main program window.

Windows 10 Debloater Main Window

As we can see, the main windows of this tool shows several sections. The first one that appears at the top is Debloat Options, this allows us to easily remove the unneeded software from the computer. We can remove all the bloatware from the tool or do it through a blacklist.

In case that after removing the bloatware we would regret it, by looking at the Revert Debloat section we can revert the changes and reinstall all the software that has been removed.

Finally, the “Optional Changes / Fixes” section has a varied number of interesting options that allow us to customize our Windows by disabling everything we don’t want to use, i.e. Cortana, the Edge PDF viewer, OneDrive and all the Telemetry background tasks.

Also, we will be able to install .NET 3.5 with this application (a dependency whose absence gives many issues with old software), unpin all the start menu tiles or delete bloatware entries from the Windows registry.

As we can see, this is a very complete tool that’s also open source (so we can really know how it works) with the plus of being little intrusive. A good choice to clean our Windows 10 from unwanted software, bloatware, and all the telemetry functions without having issues in the long term.

After getting rid of the bloatware from your system, if you’ve performed a clean install you may need to activate your Windows 10 copy. But surely you don’t want to introduce more garbage to the system by using an activator that could probably include some malware inside or additional unwanted programs.

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